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Printing on Wood, Metal, and Glass.

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Custom Orders

Corporate Events. Weddings. Birthday Parties. Our products are for any type of event.

About Us

Higher Plane Imaging takes printing to a “higher plane”.  Our unique process incorporates state of the art technology in printing flexibility. We can print on virtually any type of material – wood, plastic, glass, acrylic, metal, and fabric; and on any thickness up to 6″.

The secret is in the patented processes of our digital printer.  The printer can accept virtually any image and, enhanced by the the supporting computer software, print it on almost any material.  Imagine the infinite number of possibilities.  For example, you can take an old photograph of your favorite grandmother, scan it, and print it directly on a piece of beautiful, rich, hardwood such as oak or poplar, and create a family heirloom for generations. We offer products that express traditional, timeless, values, yet offer customized printing to meet any need as well.

Have a wedding planned and want something truly different for a lasting memory?  Want to display a tribute to your favorite team?  Have a favorite photo you want to print on a wood or linen canvas to hang on your wall?  Need a special gift for a special person in your life?

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